Our Founder

Nicholas Chia, was most recently a two-term Chairman of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore, a prominent banker and a visionary within the financial and business circles. A legally trained CPA, he achieved success at an early age of 30 when he became the CEO of an international bank. He helped to list many companies, whilst helming a listed company on the Singapore Stock Exchange at the age of 40. Nicholas as Chairman of Esabee, has continued to dot his life with milestone after milestones, simply because he believes “everything IS possible”.

The Chairman of ESABEE will strike most as rather mysterious. On first impressions, by observing his appearance and mannerisms, most will sense that he is no ordinary ‘successful person’ and yet, in this age of information, very little detail is available online about Nicholas Chia!

Most will discover that Nicholas is a very approachable person with a quick wit! This is easily understood once you get to know him. You will find a very friendly, humorous self made person who has worked very hard to raise his family within an ‘ordinary’ setting, privately …a rather complex effort today especially for those who have some real success in their career!

Nicholas is proud of his achievement as a happily married husband of over thirty years to the same amazing woman, living in the same house that he built twenty years ago, raising 2 well grounded sons who are both qualified medical doctors and an equally talented daughter who will soon join her brothers, and in their own way, bring life to the community!

The young CPA Nicholas Chia, made his name as the banker who made some incredibly wealthy individuals even more wealthy, rising quickly to lead an American bank in the Asia Pacific region before diversifying his interests steadily into many businesses and accumulating a huge portfolio of properties. This consistent track record and nose for success helped Nicholas Chia to soon join the ranks of these wealthy multi-millionaires … and yet, he was never quite satisfied …until sometime in his term as the immediate past Chairman of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS), he was struck by a very simple thought that inspired the birth of ESABEE Pte Ltd.

It would definitely be very much more satisfying if he could “bring life to (the many) ordinary people” using the abilities that allowed him to enrich (the relatively few) very wealthy individuals when he was a banker! His vision for the company is to help as many people as possible, become wealthy with the right investing values and mindset, as quickly as possible, from the first 1billion that the company pays out!

Nicholas’s current focus is to pursue “bringing life to ordinary people” using his abilities that allowed him to enrich very wealthy individuals when he was a banker! His vision is to help as many people as possible, by leading with right values, purpose, principals and making these people wealthy whilst paying it forward to others who are less fortunate.

And in doing so, Nicholas believes ESABEE will truly achieve its objective of “bringing life to ordinary people” …the more the merrier!

Nicholas Chia
Group Chairman & Founder